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With Quiero Pro you create even more powerful Remarketing and Lookalike audiences using the powerful Combined Engagement Score (CES).

You can also reach target your audience across additional powerful ad platforms – Pinterest and Bing Ads.

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Usually this sort of custom event to ad platform integration is a nightmare to setup and debug. With Quiero it was working in literally 2 minutes. Unbelievable.
Aviram Zeevy
I used to setup these events with Google Tag Manager and it was a nightmare. Quiero just worked out of the box!
Lev Kerzhner
Project Manager
Shevet Productions
I always thought remarketing was impossible for me as a blogger. With Quiero I finally know who's worth my media budget and who isn't.
Adam Hedberg
With Quiero my retargeting campaigns increased X3 in return and I'm no longer wasting resources on irrelevant visitors.
Nati Gold

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