Creating Quiero Audiences in Google Ads


Creating a Quiero audience in Google Ads is simple. Several audiences can be made based on the Quiero events and they are:

  • Time on Page – Visitors that have spent at 30 seconds on your page will trigger the ‘QRO 30 seconds’ event. Similar events will trigger on 60 and 90 seconds.
  • Scroll Depth – Visitors that have scrolled 25% of the page will trigger the ‘QRO scrolled 25%’. Similar events will trigger at 50, 75 and 90% scroll.
  • Page Depth – Visitors that have visited at least 3 pages with trigger the event ‘QRO 3 pages viewed’. Similar events will trigger for visitors who viewed up to 10 pages.

Audience Overlap

Another thing worth knowing is that Quiero events are mutually inclusive. Meaning that a ‘QRO 90 seconds’ event will include visitors that previously triggered 30 and 60 second events. For this reason, if you want to target a specific level of engagement it’s important to exclude the others.

How to do it

To create an audience for use in Google Ads (Search, GDN, YouTube etc.) please follow these steps:.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. Navigate to the relevant Account and Property
  3. Go to the Admin section
  4. On the Property level, open the ‘Audience Definitions – Audiences’ section
  5. Click the ‘+New Audience’ button
  6. Verify that the selected View is correct under ‘Audience source’
  7. Under ‘Audience definition’ click on ‘Create new’
  8. Choose ‘Advanced – Conditions’
  9. Select ‘Event Action’
  10. Select ‘Exactly matches’
  11. Choose the QRO event from the dropdown
  12. Click ‘Apply’
Creating Google audiences from Quiero events

You can repeat this process for however many audiences you want to create from the various Quiero events.

Now that you’ve set up these audience lists you will be able to see the number of users in each list and once they reach a critical mass you can start running smarter campaigns on them.