The Quiero Combined Engagement Score

Quiero’s Combined Engagement Score (CES) is a simple engagement signal campaign managers can use in their ad platforms to create better audiences. Instead of manually analyzing multiple data points, for example scroll depth and time on page, the CES provides a unified score that takes into account multiple behavior signals.

The Combined Engagement Score is only available to Quiero Pro users

The combination of these signals offers greater accuracy, as engaged users are now scored across several parameters. The weight of these parameters has been calculated by our Data Science, so that you can focus on what’s important. The CES works out of the box for Quiero Pro users.

Need more control? No problem

Different advertisers have different needs. We get that completely.

Quiero Pro users can adjust the sensitivity of the CES by adjusting the dial on the Settings page. Swipe left to drive more Scale (a lower engagement threshold) or right to drive more Accuracy (a higher engagement threshold).

Currently, this control is only available to Quiero Pro Shopify and WordPress users.