Making sense of website engagement!

Deliver engagement signals to Facebook and Google Remarketing Pixels.

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How it works

How Quiero helps your retargeting

Users Engage with your website

They scroll they read pages and they do whatever their hearts desire.

Quiero Measures User Engagement

time on page

See how much time a user spent on any page in your site.

scroll depth

See how deep the user scrolled on your site


The amount of pages a visitor saw in a session


Time on site, Video engagement, and a Combined Engagement Score to rule them all!

Quiero Delivers engagement Signals to Ad Platforms

Facebook Ads

Use engagement signals in Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Use engagement signals in Google Ads

Pinterest & Bing

Use engagement signals in Pinterest & Bing Ads
(Pro feature)

Build EPIC Audiences

Based on user engagement

Custom Audiences

Focus your retargeting spend on engaged users with a higher likelihood to convert.

Quality Lookalikes

Scale to new audiences with a Lookalike/Similar Audience seed that is based on high intent - engaged users.

Just works

Integrates with any CMS or platform

Fits every Pocket

A great power up to any merchant



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Frequently asked Questions

And answers

Quiero helps you understand  and act on the way your website visitors engage with your website by looking at key metrics – scroll depth, time on page & pages viewed for every visitor that enters your site.

Quiero works with the Facebook and Google Pixels, firing ‘custom events’ directly into them.

These events can then be used to create audiences for example: 

If you want to target visitors that most likely read your blog post, you can create an audience of visitors that scrolled at least 80 percent of the page and stayed at least a minute on the page.

It’s super easy. Just add our wordpress plugin or shopify app to your site. That’s it. No further setup required. 

The Combined Engagement Score (or CES), is a combination of several key behavioral metrics to a single score.

The CES takes into account the time the user spent on your site, their clicks and their scrolls. This way you don’t need to measure each one separately for creating an audience.

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The Basic tier features a free shopify app that will deliver Scroll depth & Time on page directly into your ad platform.

The Pro tier tracks many more engagement metrics, going even deeper into your audiences behaviour creating a combined engagement metric that you can use with greater ease.

Quiero is available on Shopify, WordPress and as a manual code snippet that can be installed on any platform.

Nope. We don’t have any access to any of your visitor or user data. 

Yes. Absolutely. All the tracking that Quiero does, happens on your website, we don’t see or touch any of your data.

98% of your online visitors don't purchase. Find the ones who will with Quiero!

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Usually this sort of custom event to ad platform integration is a nightmare to setup and debug. With Quiero it was working in literally 2 minutes. Unbelievable.
Aviram Zeevy
I always thought remarketing was impossible for me as a blogger. With Quiero I finally know who's worth my media budget and who isn't.
Adam Hedberg
I used to setup these events with Google Tag Manager and it was a nightmare. Quiero just worked out of the box!
Lev Kerzhner
Project Manager
Shevet Productions
With Quiero my retargeting campaigns increased X3 in return and I'm no longer wasting resources on irrelevant visitors.
Nati Gold


Making sense of engagement.

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